Bodycam shows final moments before police shoot suspect who kicked, dragged officer by the foot [GRAPHIC video]

Family members say the fatal shooting was unnecessary and should have never happened.

Newly released video shows what happened before Florida police shot to death a father of five, CBS Miami reports.

The footage, from body and security cameras, reveals why a Fort Lauderdale officer killed 42-year-old Pedro Pierre on Wednesday after authorities responded to an apartment for a reported disturbance.

Video recorded from the officer’s body camera shows a deputy going into an apartment running into Pierre. A fight breaks out between the two, at which point the officer attempts to use a baton and a Taser to control Pierre. Another officer then intervenes and fatally shoots the man.

“Don’t point at me, man. Step back,” said the deputy as he goes into the apartment.

“Step back for who?” Pierre says back.

“Step back,” the officer responds.

“For who? For you?” Pierre said.

The deputy then says, “what’s his problem?”

Seconds later, the deputy bolts from the apartment with Pierre chasing after him. The men begin to wrestle and later move the confrontation into the apartment complex’s courtyard.

The deputy tries to deploy his Taser on Pierre, but he couldn’t overpower the man. As the deputy used his baton and yelled at Pierre to “back down” and “stand down,” Pierre struck and kicked the officer repeatedly.

“Settle down! Tell me what is wrong!” the deputy says.

Several seconds later, another deputy arrived and told Pierre to “get your hands up” and “get down.”

Pierre did not comply with the commands. He continued to kick the officer and then grabbed one of the officer’s legs and started dragging him.

When Pierre let go of the deputy, he ran after the other officer. Gunshots can then be heard in the video and Pierre is seen falling down in a parking lot.

“Shots fired,” the deputy says.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Friday at a news conference that he released the footage so the public would have an accurate understanding of what happened.

“Unarmed assailants take guns away from police officers and there are many police officers in the United States of America who tragically have died at the hands of their own weapons,” Israel said.

Pierre’s sister, Guilaine Jean, told CBS Miami her family is shocked by the loss of her brother. Jean contends that the video footage does not reflect Pierre, who was a dad, businessman and one-time politician when he lived in Haiti.

“This is not my brother,” Jean said. “He was not a violent person. He was a good guy.”

Pierre’s daughter Shania contends her father’s behavior was caused by a stroke he suffered several years ago.

“I know my dad didn’t mean it,” Shania told CBS Miami. “He didn’t mean it at all. My dad, he had a mental health issue that nobody knew about and I wish the police knew about it before killing him.”

Shania says the family has many questions about what led to the shooting. While the family appreciates that the first officer used non-lethal force, they don’t understand why the second officer had to use a gun.

“I know (Pierre) made a mistake, but he doesn’t deserve to die like that,” Pierre’s brother Enoch said.

The officers’ names have not yet been publicly released.

[Feature Photo: Pedro Pierre/Screenshot, Broward Sheriff’s Office]