Woman stabs grandfather in chest with steak knife and fork over pain medication: Report

A York County, Pennsylvania, woman allegedly stabbed her elderly grandfather in the chest with a steak knife and carving fork after he refused to give her his pain medication.

According to WPMT, Ashley Nicole Remines, 25, is accused of stabbing her grandfather, Robert Yeaple Jr., Saturday night as he sat in his recliner. Family members reportedly told police that Remines has a history of mental health issues and an addiction to opiates.

Relatives claimed the dispute started when Yeaple refused to give Remines his pain medication. After that, they said, the 25-year-old went to her room and started drinking a large bottle of spiced rum. Someone in the home reportedly confiscated the alcohol to prevent her from drinking until she blacked out.

Shortly after, Remines allegedly retrieved a carving fork and five-inch steak knife and stabbed Yeaple as he sat in his recliner. Relatives managed to get the weapons out of her possession and called police, the station reported.

According to the York Daily Record, arriving police found Remines lying on her back in the driveway with no pants. After placing her under arrest, Remines reportedly told officers to shoot her and that she didn’t care whether she lived or died. She was ultimately charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

Documents stated that Yeaple suffered a wound in the center of his chest from the steak knife and a wound to the upper side of his chest from the fork. Though he was transported to the hospital, his condition is unknown at this point in time.


[Featured Image: Ashley Nicole Remines/Police provided]