Parents accused of taking infant daughter to bar during night of partying found not guilty

An Alabama couple accused of taking their 7-month-old daughter to a bar last summer was found not guilty Thursday in an Indianapolis court.

Michael Trosclair, 46, and Shari Treba, 42, of Mobile, Alabama, were cleared of felony neglect of a dependent and misdemeanor public intoxication charges. Their attorney, Marc Lopez, said that inconsistent witness testimony played a large role in his clients’ acquittal.

“At trial, witness testimony contradicted the contents of the 911 call; the only thing that any person saw Shari do was consume one 10-ounce beer,” Lopez said in a statement. “The person who gave her this 10-ounce beer testified that he did so about 10 minutes before the police arrived and at that time Shari Treba was not intoxicated.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Trosclair and Treba, who were in Indianapolis last June for a work convention, were accused of drinking at Wild Beaver Saloon with their infant daughter in tow. At the time, witnesses claimed they saw Treba breastfeed the baby and chain the baby stroller outside the bar before abandoning her to go inside and get more alcohol.

An onlooker who later called police also accused the mother of offering patrons sex in exchange for beer.

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Responding police allegedly found an intoxicated Treba outside the bar with her sleeping baby in the stroller. Court documents alleged that Treba confirmed that the child was hers before taking another sip of beer.

Trosclair reportedly arrived at the scene a short time later and spoke with police. WISH reported that responding officers said Trosclair appeared intoxicated and was belligerent as he demanded to speak with a lawyer. Police alleged that Trosclair repeatedly resisted as they attempted to handcuff him.

Documents also indicated that Treba’s blood-alcohol content was 0.193, more than two times the legal limit. The infant was transported the hospital, where she showed no signs of intoxication or abuse, according to WISH.

However, Lopez claimed that Treba was at the bar with two other adult caretakers who were hired to watch the baby as the couple attended the work convention.

According to their attorney, Trosclair and Treba were walking past the bar when Trosclair learned that a business partner was inside and went in to say hello. While Trosclair was inside, Treba and the baby were outside along with the two caretakers, he said.

“After 263 days of silence and public shame, we are grateful for the verdict of ‘not guilty.’ This verdict contributes to our continued healing from the loss and emotional pain caused by this incident,” the vindicated couple said in the statement.

“We now look forward to expressing the true story of who we are and what happened.”


[Featured Image: Michael Trosclair and Shari Treba/ Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department]