Heather Locklear threatened to ‘shoot’ cops during domestic violence arrest: Police

The Ventura County district attorney charged actress Heather Locklear with four misdemeanors for last month’s domestic violence incident in California, where she allegedly threatened to shoot responding police.

TMZ reported that Locklear, 56, was charged with four counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer and is facing a count of resisting or obstructing an officer. Locklear was arrested last month on domestic violence charges after her brother called police and claimed she and her boyfriend were drunk and fighting.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Locklear’s boyfriend, Christopher Heisser, 56, said the actress was acting “crazy, angry, and wild” as she bit and attacked him. Officers allegedly found Heisser leaning over the bed and restraining Locklear by her wrists as she laid on the bed.

TMZ reported last week that Locklear was so violent that police had to hobble her. In a police report obtained by Global News, Locklear supposedly kicked and pushed one of the responding deputies out of her bedroom and yelled, “Get the f**k out of my house!”

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“You f**ks deserve your kids to die! You f**king deserve it!’”Locklear allegedly told Deputy Nesgis. “And when you find yourself in that position, think of me!”

Locklear continued, reportedly saying that she hoped nobody would burn down the police department and telling officers they better never come to her home again.

She allegedly told police, “I will shoot you if you come on my property and take that as a threat and f**king put another count against me.”

The threat led to police executing a search warrant at the Thousand Oaks home. While Locklear does have a firearm registered in her name, police were unable to locate it, according to Global News.

Heisser was arrested for driving under the influence hours after the domestic dispute. Sources told TMZ that he was released from custody a short time later.

[Featured Image: Heather Locklear/Ventura County Sheriff’s Office]