UPDATE: Man shot in the head on Facebook Live video speaks first word, family says

A Texas man who was shot in the head during a Facebook live stream has spoken for the first time since the near-fatal incident, his family said.

Devyn Holmes’ family posted an update on a GoFundMe crowdfunding page that Holmes, 26, whispered “alright” in response to a comment. Relatives launched the GoFundMe campaign to pay for medical expenses and provide the public with updates on Holmes’ recovery.

“Devyn is still doing well, he’s getting plenty of rest so that he can be strong. He is still off of the respirator and still responding physically to commands,” yesterday’s update read.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Holmes was shot in the head as he sat in the driver’s seat of a parked car with two friends. Both friends were allegedly waving around guns when the one Cassandra Damper, 25, was holding went off, shooting Holmes in the head.

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The edited video—which doesn’t show the moment Holmes was shot—catches Holmes saying, “You’re making me nervous” before the video cuts to him lying lifeless in his seat. Damper and another man are then seen exiting the vehicle.

Early on, Holmes’ mother claimed she believed the Easter shooting was intentional. Sheree Holmes told KTRK on April 3 that she was outraged that her son’s alleged shooter was being held on $2,500 bond.

“It was stupid and it was irresponsible. I think it was intended,” Sheree said. “She also said he did it himself…she also washed her hands. Do you wash your hands after an accident? Why would you cover up an accident? You cover up a crime, you don’t cover up an accident.”

Since then, Damper’s charges were upgraded from tampering with evidence to aggravated assault with reckless serious bodily injury. Damper reportedly initially told police that she didn’t believe the gun was loaded.

Family attorney Shanna Hennigan said in a statement to KTRK, “The family strongly believes that the prayers and support they have received from all over the nation and the world are fueling Devyn’s remarkable recovery.”

***WARNING: Video below shows violence. Please use discretion.***


[Featured Image: Devyn Holmes/Facebook]