‘I regret my actions’: UFC Star Conor McGregor tells media after court appearance

After UFC star Conor McGregor appeared in court Thursday, he apologized for attacking a bus that injured multiple people, including fellow UFC fighters, TMZ Sports reports.

“I regret my actions that led me here today,” he told reporters. “I understand the seriousness of this matter and I’m hopeful that it gets resolved soon.”

McGregor was arrested after a video surfaced showing the UFC fighter allegedly throwing several items, including a metal dolly, at a bus following an April 5 media event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

McGregor, 29, was subsequently charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief in connection with the violent outburst, an NYPD spokesperson told USA Today.

“A million security guards had to restrain him,” said Rick Little, the coach of one of the fighters who was at the event,” according to USA Today.  “Everything happened so fast, it was just like we got jumped.”

The fighter’s attorney told a judge Wednesday that McGregor, who was dressed in a suit and tie for the appearance and escorted into the courtroom by armed officials, is in the process of negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors.

In a video published Wednesday by TMZ Sports, UFC President Dana White said he plans on meeting with McGregor Monday. Though White previously told TMZ that the fighter’s career could be in jeopardy due to the violent ordeal, he didn’t reveal if the organization will end ties with him.

McGregor faces up to seven years in prison if he is convicted on all counts.