Fish & farts? Bill Gross’ ex-wife says billionaire philanthropist filled $36M home with noxious smells

The ex-wife of Bill Gross claimed the billionaire philanthropist left the California home he lost in the divorce smelling like dead fish, flatulence, and vomit.

Sue Gross said in court papers that spray bottles in trash cans and dead fish near vents suggests that her affluent ex-husband purposely left 13,819 square-foot Laguna Beach home smelling less than ideal.

According to the New York Post, Sue won the property in the divorce settlement and was granted a protective order against Bill last week. Sources told the newspaper Bill was also granted a restraining order in November, weeks after their divorce was finalized. His restraining order expired in early December.

The Daily Mail reported that Sue wrote in the declaration, “When I was finally able to obtain access to this house, I was disgusted to see that Bill had left it in a state of utter chaos and disrepair.”

“I found empty spray bottles of “puke” smell and “fart” smell in the garbage; the houseplants smelled foul and had to be replaced. The carpets were stained, and there was water damage throughout the house,” she continued, adding photos of the spray bottles in her filing.

Sue alleged that, prior to moving into the Laguna Beach home, her billionaire investor ex hired a guard who stayed at her previous home 24/7 and would videotape her and her relatives.

In addition to the mansion, Sue was awarded “Le Repos”—a 1932 Pablo Picasso painting worth $36.9 million. At some point before the divorce, the Post reported that Sue had taken the expensive painting from the home and switched it with a duplicate she painted herself.

The ordeal left Bill incensed, according to reports.

Despite this, Sue went on to describe Bill as “a cruel, vengeful, and vindictive man” with unlimited money.

“This is incredibly stressful and upsetting, and it has caused me intense anxiety,” she wrote.

The Blast reported that the pair is expected back in court in July.

[Featured image: Bill and Sue Gross/UCI Giving (Youtube video screenshot)]