YouTube stars die in 100-foot waterfall plunge

Three popular travel bloggers died Tuesday after falling over a waterfall in British Columbia and plunging 100 feet to their deaths.

According to the BBC, Ryker Gamble, 30, Alexey Lyakh, 30 and Megan Scraper, 29, died at Shannon Falls when Scraper slipped into the water leading Gamble and Lyakh, her longtime partner, to attempt to rescue her.

Gamble and Lyakh were members of High on Life, a Vancouver-based YouTube channel which showcased them doing stunts at exotic locations.

The Vancouver Sun reports that the trio trekked up Shannon Falls—the third highest waterfall in British Columbia—and went into one of the pool systems to swim. After Scraper fell, all three of them reportedly swept into a pool system 100 feet below.

A rescue mission quickly turned into a recovery mission, which ended Wednesday night when Squamish Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced they’ve found three bodies. Family members confirmed Gamble’s death in a statement while friends and posts on social media identified Lyakh and Scraper as the other two decedents.

Police said they’ve turned their file over to the coroner’s office. British Columbia Coroner’s Service said Friday that they’re early on in their investigation.

Authorities cautioned citizens traveling these areas in light of Tuesday’s deadly incident.

“Areas like Shannon Falls have very polished granite, it’s very slippery with the mist and the lichen and etcetera that builds up around there-going in or near those pools has great risk,” John Wilcox of Squamish Search and Rescue told radio station News 1130 Wednesday.

“It’s a very unfortunate circumstance hopefully we can all learn from.”

[Featured Image: Ryker Gamble, Megan Scraper, and Alexey Lyakh (pictured left to right)/GoFundMe]