Dr. Bumbum, plastic surgeon to the stars, on the run after patient dies following botched butt enhancement injections: Report

A plastic surgeon to the stars is missing after a woman reportedly received injections to enlarge her buttocks and died hours later.

According to the BBC, Dr. Denis Furtado, also known as Dr. Bumbum, performed the elective procedure on Lilian Calixto, 46, at his home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Calixto reportedly suffered complications afterward, prompting Furtado to take her to the hospital. Police said the woman died early Sunday, hours after getting the injections.

The Evening Standard reports that Calixto, a bank manager, had traveled 1,200 miles to have acrylic glass filler injected into her buttocks. In addition to the filler, Furtado also allegedly inserted a hormone implant to treat the mother-of-two’s menopause symptoms.

Calixto had difficulty breathing shortly after undergoing the procedure. The woman experienced hypertension and had four heart attacks before her death, according to Agence France Presse. The woman’s official cause of death is still unknown.

Dr. Furtado claimed he’s performed more than 8,000 buttock-enhancing procedures, boasting rich and famous clients. An Instagram account possibly belonging to the doctor was shut down as of Wednesday afternoon.

Furtado is wanted on charges of homicide and criminal association. His girlfriend, who some media reports have claimed is also his assistant, has been detained in connection with Calixto’s death.

Regional Medical Council of the State of Rio de Janeiro announced that they’ve started their own investigation into the incident.


[Featured image: Denis Furtado, Lilian Calixto/Facebook]