‘Dad’ fatally shoots son because he didn’t clean his room: Police

A Wisconsin man is facing decades in prison after allegedly shooting his own son to death amid an argument over cleaning his room, WITI-TV reports.

Prosecutors in Milwaukee have charged 47-year-old Randell Wright with first-degree reckless homicide in connection with the death of his son, 21-year-old Jakari Wright.

“I lost my son on some bull (expletive) that shouldn’t have even went down,” Randell Wright reportedly told police.

According to court records obtained by the news outlet, Wright was angry with his son over his unkempt room and said he grabbed his gun in an effort to get him to behave, but the dispute soon got out of hand.

“I told him to clean up his room, keep things together, you know. It was just something that was constantly going back and forth,” Wright said. “So I got my gun and he’s like, ‘kill me. I want to die.’ I said ‘no, just get your stuff and leave.’ Then we started wrestling for the gun. It went off.”

Wright said Jakari grabbed his hair and shirt during the ordeal, prompting Wright to push Jakari in an effort to keep him from grabbing the gun. Wright said he then backed into an object and lost his balance, causing the gun to fire accidently.

Prosecutors allege some parts of Wright’s story don’t add up, such as the fact that Jakari was shot in the back of the head. That suggests Wright pulled the trigger “after the victim has turned his body on the defendant,” court records state.

An autopsy determined Jakari Wright died from the single gunshot wound.

Randell Wright’s defense lawyer, Christian Thomas, said the shooting was not intentional.

“We’re dealing with a man who himself is dealing with the tragic loss of his son, which by all accounts was accidental,” Thomas said. “A son who he was trying to get control of – trying to keep from running around on the streets and trying to get to behave.”

Wright could be sentenced up 60 years in prison if he’s convicted. He’s scheduled to return to court later this month.