Mom stabs young son as she drags him by a sweater wrapped around his neck: Cops

Police say the 7-year-old victim said, “Mom, Mom, it’s me” as Whitney Romero repeatedly stabbed him with a pen

A Utah mother is facing criminal charges for allegedly burning, stabbing, and forcing her 7-year-old son to vomit earlier this month.

Per KSI, West Jordan officers received multiple calls about Whitney Romero, 28, dragging her son by a shirt that was wrapped around his neck. The victim reportedly told investigators that his mother was “acting scary” and claimed she took a piece of her hair, lit it on fire, and placed the hair on his chest.

Romero then took him out their apartment and repeatedly told him to throw up. When he didn’t, she allegedly put her fingers down his throat to induce vomiting.

Citing a probable cause statement, The Salt Lake Tribune reported that some of the vomit got on the boy’s shirt and sweater, leading Romero to remove them and throw them into the road. From there, she then “wrapped her sweater around his neck and started stabbing him with a pen,” the statement detailed.

The 7-year-old reportedly told Romero “Mom, Mom, it’s me” in a desperate effort to get her to stop. She ignored his pleas and continued to stab him in the neck, shoulder, back, arm, and wrist, according to law enforcement.

Police said Romero was combative and spit on an officer during her arrest. Romero reportedly kicked the inside of the police cruiser, leading officers to put additional restraints on her, according to KSL.

The Utah mother was charged with child abuse, assault on a police officer, failing to stop for police, and interfering with an arresting officer. Her next court date is scheduled for December 3.


[Featured image: Whitney Romero/Salt Lake Jail]