Actor Tom Sizemore once again faces drug charges after traffic stop reveals suspected meth, heroin: Reports

Actor Tom Sizemore is facing criminal charges, the latest in a line of drug-related arrests, as reported by TMZ.

The celebrity news site spoke to sources familiar with the incident that Sizemore was arrested on January 5 in Burbank, California, after officers reportedly spotted his Mercedes E-class sedan with an expired registration and a missing front license plate.

At the time of the traffic stop near the intersection of Riverside Drive and Evergreen Street, authorities went on to search the vehicle and found substances the initially believed to be heroin and methamphetamine.

Sizemore reportedly granted officers permission to look inside the car.

Both Sizemore and a male passenger were arrested at the scene on suspicion of drug possession. They are expected to face misdemeanor criminal counts in connection with the incident.

The suspects were released the same day after court records indicate they posted bail set at $1,000 in both cases, as reported by Deadline Hollywood.

An ongoing investigation into the case against them is being handled by the office of the city attorney.

Sizemore has faced charges in the past related to drug possession and appeared in 2010 on the reality series “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

As the Los Angeles Times reported, he was also arrested in 2016 on suspicion of criminal conduct including abusing an intimate partner.

He served a three-year probated sentence after pleading no contest to 2006 charges related to using meth near a motel in Bakersfield. Police arrested him twice in 2009 — once for allegedly attacking his former spouse and once on suspicion of transporting or selling a controlled substance. Two years later, he once again faced criminal charges of battery of an ex.

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