Murder suspect posted Instagram photo of woman he is accused of killing, stuffing into suitcase

The man who was arrested for the murder of Valerie Reyes posted a photo of the young woman almost a year to the date before her body was found in a suitcase in Greenwich, Connecticut.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Javier Da Silva Rojas, referred to in earlier reports as Javier DeSilva, was arrested on Monday night, less than a week after Reyes was found dead by highway workers cleaning trash along Glenville Road in the upscale suburb. According to multiple reports, Da Silva Rojas confessed to his role in Reyes’ death, claiming that she fell and hit her head during or after a sex act at her New Rochelle, New York, apartment on December 29, and that he then tied her hands and feet, covered her mouth with tape, and put her in a suitcase that he later dumped after crossing state lines.

The New York Post first reported that Da Silva Rojas had posted a photo of himself and Reyes on February 8, 2018; nearly a year before her body was found on February 5. The photos appears to have been taken at a CVS location in Mt. Vernon, New York, and features both Reyes and Da Silva Rojas. The caption says only, “Val.”

Da Silva Rojas was an active user of Instagram until not long before his arrest — his last photo was posted on January 24, five days before Reyes is believed to have died.

As ABC News reports, the suspect was in the United States illegally after overstaying his visa.

The Greenwich Time obtained a statement from ICE about Da Silva Rojas’s immigration status at the time of the murder:

“Javier Enrique Da Silva Rojas, a citizen of Portugal, entered the U.S. May 8, 2017, through the Visa Waiver Program; however, he failed to leave the United States within the required timeframe. He was arrested by federal authorities on felony kidnapping charges Feb. 12 and is currently in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) pending criminal proceedings. ICE lodged a detainer with USMS Feb. 13. Pursuant to the detainer, ICE will aim to take custody of Da Silva for immediate removal when he is released from criminal custody.”

The suspect reportedly has dual citizenship, and also has a Venezuelan passport.

Reyes was laid to rest at  St. Gabriel’s Church in New Rochelle on Wednesday.