Mexican cartel victims

Thursday Crime Stories: OUTRAGE!! AMERICAN MOMS AND CHILDREN MASSACRED as Mommy holds hands up in air

Nine Americans, including three mothers and six children, are brutally gunned down in Mexico. Police say the family, traveling to a wedding, were killed execution-style. Mystery surrounds the massacre as authorities search for the killers.

Who killed the faith-based family and why? Did Mexican cartel members shoot them for revenge? Is it a case of mistaken identity?

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss the case:

  • Wendy Patrick – California prosecutor
  • Joe Scott Morgan – Forensics Expert, Professor of Forensics & Author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”
  • Dr. Kendall Crowns – Medical Examiner of Travis County, Texas
  • Dr. Debbie Joffe-Ellis – Psychologist, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University,
  • James Gagliano – International Crimes Expert, Former FBI supervisory special agent attached to Mexico for 2 years
  • Alexis Tereschuk – RadarOnline Reporter

UPDATE: Family killed in Mexico were of a faith-based group targeted for years for wealth, anti-violence views [Reports]

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[Feature Photo: Rhonita Maria LeBaron and family/Facebook]