Sarm Heslop: Police say missing woman’s boyfriend is still in Virgin Islands

Heslop’s boat captain boyfriend set sail from Frank Bay earlier this week, prompting a scramble to find him.

US Virgin Islands police say they know the location of Ryan Bane, whose girlfriend disappeared off his catamaran earlier this month — or at least they know where his catamaran, Siren Song, is.

Bane set sail overnight Wednesday from Frank Bay, where he’d been since Sarm Heslop vanished on March 8, Fox News reports. Bane’s disappearing act prompted the FBI, which had been assisting in the search for Heslop, to charter a boat to look for him, according to the New York Post.

US Virgin Islands Police Commissioner Trevor Velinor would not say exactly where Bane’s boat is, and it appears police have not spoken with the skipper. He did said the Siren Song remained in his jurisdiction,.

“We know where the Siren Song is located, and so we assume that where the Siren Song is, he’s also located in that area,” Velinor said. He would not comment on reports about the FBI’s search.

Bane told police that he and Heslop, 41, went to sleep about 10 p.m. on March 8, and when he awoke about four hours later to the anchor alarm aboard the boat, Heslop was gone.

While Bane has not been named a suspect in Heslop’s disappearance — which remains a missing persons case and not a criminal matter — the Michigan native almost immediately hired an attorney, who advised him not to let law enforcement search the catamaran. So he refused their request, and police have not yet obtained a search warrant.

Investigators have implied that Bane has been less than cooperative in the search for his missing girlfriend, CrimeOnline reports, but his Virgin Islands attorney — David Cattie, who also represents millionaire madam Ghislaine Maxwell in her lawsuit to force Jeffrey Epstein’s estate to pay her legal fees — told The Detroit News that his client has done everything he’s been asked to do.

“At approximately 2:30 am on March 8, 2021, just after finding Sarm missing, Ryan Bane contacted the Virgin Islands Police Department (“VIPD”) through 911 to make a report,” Cattie wrote in an email. “Mr. Bane then traveled to meet members of the VIPD (Virgin Islands Police Department) to give a statement regarding Sarm. Mr. Bane also provided a photograph of Sarm to officers.”

“Later that morning, the US Coast Guard came to Mr. Bane’s vessel (Siren Song) at his request,” Cattie wrote. “Multiple USCG officers boarded the vessel and interviewed Mr. Bane on-board. Mr. Bane, at the request of Sarm’s family, then turned over her personal belongings to VIPD, including her cell phone, iPad, passport, etc. Ryan’s thoughts are with Sarm and her family at this time, and he is praying for her safe return. At this time, we are not fielding any other requests for interviews/statements. Thank you for your understanding.”

Heslop’s friends and family have been skeptical of Bane’s timeline, wondering why he waited nearly 10 hours from the time he found Heslop missing until he notified the Coast Guard, although he apparently notified police immediately.

The FBI did not confirm it was looking for Bane.

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[Featured image: Sarm Heslop and Siren Song/David Woody/Instagram]