Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer: Accuser says Dodgers pitcher choked her unconscious & raped her

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer choked a woman unconscious before having non-consensual anal sex with her, according to a restraining order filed on Monday in California.

According to The Athletic, the victim accused Bauer, 30, of sexually assaulting her on April 21 and May 15. The victim reportedly drove from San Diego to Los Angeles to meet Bauer after the victim tagged Bauer in an Instagram post, prompting the pair to agree to meet at Bauer’s home.

The accuser alleged that they talked for a bit before having sex which she described as consensual. She claimed that at some point, Bauer asked if she has ever been choked and she said yes. Bauer allegedly then put his fingers down her throat in an aggressive manner, prompting her to tell him to stop.

“He stopped, but then without asking me or telling me in advance, he wrapped my hair around my neck and choked me. I lost consciousness,” the accuser said in the report, according to The Athletic.

The accuser reportedly claimed she does not know how long she was unconscious, but she woke up to Bauer having anal sex with her — something he said she did not consent to. She stated that she went to the bathroom after the ordeal and realized she was bleeding from her anus.

The woman, who also claimed she had difficulty walking, said she spent the night at Bauer’s home because she did not believe he was going to do anything else to her. She said she told Bauer the next morning that she did not like him having anal sex with her. The accuser stated that she believed they had reached an understanding before she left, according to The Athletic.

On May 15, Bauer reportedly invited the woman back to his Los Angeles home, but this time the pair agreed on a safe word. However, Bauer allegedly choked the woman unconscious about five minutes into sex.

The woman said she came to and found Bauer punching her head. She also accused him of punching and scratching the right side of her head while she was passed out.

According to The Athletic, the victim said Bauer continued to punch her after she regained consciousness.

“Trevor then punched me hard with a closed fist to the left side of my jaw, the left side of my head, and both cheekbones,” she said in the restraining order report. “I could not speak or move. After punching me several times, he then flipped me back onto my stomach and began choking me with hair. I lost consciousness again.”

The accuser has not been publicly identified, but TMZ provided pictures of her injuries and reported that she is 21 years old. However, The Athletic’s report identified her as a 27-year-old woman.

The accuser reportedly went to the emergency room for her alleged injuries on May 16, a day after the second encounter, and underwent a CT scan. She met with multiple police detectives after telling medical staff how she sustained the injuries.

According to The Athletic, the accuser initially described the encounters with Bauer as “rough sex” and refused to name the pitcher because she feared what he would do to her if the case went public.

Bauer’s reps sent screenshots of text messages to The Athletic which apparently show Bauer and the accuser talking between the first and second encounters about erotic asphyxiation and slapping.

“Never been more turned on in my life. Gimme all the pain. Rawr,” the accuser said in a message, according to TMZ.

Conversely, the accuser provided the court with text messages and voicemails that reportedly show Bauer about her wellbeing and offering to purchase her groceries. The woman claimed Bauer repeatedly messaged her following the May 15 encounter, The Athletic reported.

TMZ reported that the accuser was granted a temporary restraining order and Bauer can present his case during a July 23 hearing.

Pasadena police confirmed to The Athletic that they are investigating the accusations but have not presented the case to prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers said they are aware of the allegations made against Bauer and they are taking them “very seriously.” The statement also revealed that the MLB is investigating the claims.

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