22-Year-Old Missouri Woman Held Captive More Than a Month; Had Metal Collar Padlocked on Her Neck When She Escaped

A 22-year-old Missouri woman held captive, raped, and assaulted since early September showed obvious signs of restraint and was wearing a metal collar with a padlock when she escaped the house where she was being held.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the woman got out of the Excelsior Springs house early Friday morning and ran to neighbors, knocking on doors and screaming for help. Neighbors called 911, and police later arrested Timothy Haslett Jr and charged him with rape, kidnapping, and assault.

According to court documents released Tuesday, officers responded to the call and found the woman wearing latex lingerie. In addition to the metal collar and padlock, they said, she had duct tape around her neck, KMBC reported.

She told the officers that a man named Timothy picked her up in early September and brought her to the house, where he kept her in a small room in the basement. She was restrained with handcuffs on her wrists and ankles.

On Friday, she escaped the house after Haslett left to take his child to school. Excelsior Springs Police Chief Gregory Dull said the woman identified the house from the back of an ambulance on her way to the hospital, and officers had it surrounded before Haslett returned.

“We were able to keep him from getting back into the house and possibly destroying evidence,” Dull said.

EMS crews removed the collar from the woman’s neck on the way to the hospital because it was restricting her breathing. At the hospital, doctors found injuries consistent with her story on her back.

Officers located Haslett before he returned home and initiated a traffic stop, taking him into custody on an unrelated animal control violation.

Neighbors who first helped the young woman said they saw the ligature marks on her wrists and ankles, and the duct tape looked as if it had been over her mouth but was pulled down. She was emaciated, they said, and clearly weak, WSHB reported.

The woman told police that there were other victims, but investigators have not yet found any evidence of others.

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[Featured image: Timothy Haslett Jr/Excelsior Springs Police Department]