Nancy Grace: Jury Trip to Murdaugh Murders Crime Scene Could Lead to Mistrial

CrimeOnline’s Nancy Grace says the jury’s visit to the Murdaugh murders crime scene is “fraught with the possibility of a mistrial.”

“I hate to bring this up, but we all remember the O.J. Simpson debacle where he was acquitted on double murder. Well, in that case … Johnnie Cochran convinced the judge to have a visit for the jury, and they went to Simpson’s home,” Grace told Fox News. “Guess what, there is going to be a jury trip to Moselle, the hunting lodge and the dog kennel where Maggie and Paul were gunned down.”

Prosecutors opposed the trip, citing changes to the property since the June 7, 2021, murders. But Judge Clifton Newman agreed to schedule the trip. Grace warned that the defense will move for a mistrial if those jurors see anyone “with a sign that says Murdaugh did it.”

Grace also said that Alex Murdaugh’s admission that he lied to investigators about being at the dog kennels on the night of the murders was damning, especially since he only came clean when prosecutors revealed Paul Murdaugh captured his father’s voice on a video just minutes before investigators believe he was gunned down.

“I don’t have to be a clairvoyant to figure out he’s lying,” she said. “Four, five minutes when we believe the double murder went down. He did not realize his voice was caught on a cell phone video his son was taking for a friend of the friend’s dog. You hear him in the background placing … himself at the scene of the double murders about two or three minutes before they go down.”

Murdaugh testified that “other than lying to” investigators about being at the kennels, he ‘was cooperative in every aspect of this investigation.”

Grace scoffs at that.

“So, what, am I supposed to believe in three or four minutes, two assailants race in and gun down his wife and son, and he comes back in an hour and goes ‘what’?'”

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