Ex-Alabama Cop Shoots Pregnant Girlfriend, Claims It’s Suicide: Indictment

A former Alabama police officer has been indicted on a capital murder charge for the shooting death of his girlfriend in January 2022.

David McCoy, 29, was still employed by the Huntsville Police Department but off duty when investigators say he shot Courtney Spraggins inside a car outside his apartment on January 7, 2022. Spraggins was pregnant at the time.

The indictment, handed up on March 24, was unsealed this week, AL.com reported.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, McCoy called in the shooting but said Spraggins, 26, had shot herself. According to WHNT, during a five hour police interrogation, he changed his story several times and finally, at the end, told investigators, “I did it.”

Testimony during an earlier preliminary hearing said that Spraggins told McCoy she was pregnant with his child in December 2021 after she quit her job and arrived in Huntsville to move in with McCoy — who was living with another woman at the time. But McCoy turned her away, saying he “needed more time.”

Spraggins drove to Maryland at that point. Investigators described a text conversation between the two during this time in which Spraggins asked McCoy what she was supposed to do, and he responded, “a bullet to the head sounds good to me.”

But shortly afterward, McCoy told Spraggins to come back to Huntsville, saying he was ready. She arrived on January 7, and McCoy buzzed her into the gate at his apartment complex just after 8 a.m. The two went for a drive in his truck, returning to the complex at about 9:40 a.m.

A state investigator said that this is the point when McCoy’s story began changing. Investigators say he changed clothes and threw the gun used in the shooting in his closet, then called the Huntsville police non-emergency number to ask if there were any shots fired called in his area. He said he was awaked by a gunshot, called, then went outside to investigate.

McCoy told the first officer on the scene that “I think I’ve seen her once” when Spraggins’ body was located. He told other officers that he didn’t know her. But officers found a photo of McCoy in the visor of Spraggins car and eventually took him in for questioning.

Investigators said that McCoy tested positive for gunshot residue and that they found a handgun — not his service weapon — and Spraggins’ cell phone in his closet. They also found mail addressed to Spraggins and ultrasound pictures in his patrol vehicle.

AL.com said that Spraggins and McCoy met on a dating website and that Spraggins was seven months pregnant, citing her family. They said the relationship had been very turbulent, and McCoy was unhappy about the pregnancy.

McCoy is charged with killing a person inside a car, killing a person, and killing a a child under 14. Prosecutor have said they intend to seek the death penalty.

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[Featured image: Courtney Spraggins/handout and David McCoy/Huntsville Police Department]