Investigators Name All Victims, Rule Oklahoma Massacre a Murder-Suicide

Convicted rapist Jesse McFadden shot his wife and five teenagers to death before killing himself.

The seven people found dead in Oklahoma earlier this week in a search for two missing girls died in a murder-suicide staged by convicted rapist Jesse McFadden.

Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice also formally identified the remaining four victims as McFadden’s wife, 35-year-old Holly Guess, and her three children — Rylee Allen, 17; Michael Mayo, 15; and Tiffany Guess, 13, according to KOKI.

McFadden shot those four to death, along with missing teens Brittany Brewer, 16, and Ivy Webster, 14 — good friends of Tiffany Guess — before he killed himself, Prentice said. All of the victims were found outside on McFadden’s property in Henryetta.

“Jesse McFadden murdered six people and then killed himself,” Prentice said.

Holly Guess’s mother, Janette Mayo, had identified her daughter and grandchildren as McFadden’s victims earlier, as CrimeOnline previously reported. The bodies were found on Monday after Okmulgee police launched a search for Webster and Brewer, who had spent the weekend with Tiffany Guess but didn’t return home on Sunday as planned.

And when McFadden, who was released from prison in 2020 after serving time for rape, failed to show up in court Monday morning to stand trial for soliciting a minor over a cell phone while he was in prison, investigators knew where to look.

Prentice said that Webster, Brewer, and Allen were found along a creek on the property with single gunshots to the head. The other four bodies were found about a quarter mile away. Tiffany Guess and Mayo were shot twice in the head, and Holly Guess was shot three times in the head.

“Without going into a lot of detail, that scene appeared to be staged to me, and that is my opinion based on what I observed,” Prentice said, later adding that “I don’t want to go into details, (but) I think the bodies had been moved from where they were originally killed.”

Investigators found a 9mm handgun with the bodies. Prentice said Holly Guess had bought the gun in January 2022, KJRH said. McFadden would have been barred from buying a gun because he is a convicted felon.

Prentice said that answers will be hard to come by, KOKI reported.

“There are questions that will never get answered, because the only people that know are no longer here,” Prentice said, adding that those who “perpetrate crimes like this are evil, and normal folks like us can’t understand why they do that.”

The chief noted that McFadden had been convicted of raping an adult, was on the Oklahoma sex registry, and had followed all the rules in place for sex offenders.

Prentice did not mention reports that McFadden had texted the victim in his solicitation court case on Sunday night — she was 16 in 2017 when he allegedly sent her explicit photos and acted in a manner prosecutors described as “manipulative and controlling of the victim” — telling her, “This is all on you for continuing this.”

“I told you I wouldn’t go back,” he allegedly said.

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[Featured image: Top, L-R: Rylee Allen, Michael Mayo, and Tiffany Guess. Bottom, L-R: Ivy Webster, Holly Guess, and Brittany Brewer/Facebook]