Joe Clyde Daniels: Jury finds dad GUILTY of killing 5-year-old son with autism

Joe Clyde Daniels: Father admits to writing letter claiming mom gave missing son away; authorities match his DNA on envelope [Report]
Joe Clyde Daniels: Sheriff says anonymous letter claiming missing autistic boy was given away is likely a hoax, but grandfather insists he’s alive [Report]
Searchers discover blanket of missing autistic boy, Joe Clyde Daniels
Joe Clyde Daniels: Search team sets out to find missing autistic boy whose father admitted to beating boy to death and hiding body
Volunteers needed for ‘largest search yet’ for missing autistic boy, Joe Clyde Daniels, presumed dead after father said he killed him
Joe Clyde Daniels: Dad who reportedly killed autistic son gave police several locations to find boy’s body but nothing ‘panned out’
Joe Clyde Daniels: Police review surveillance footage in hopes of locating autistic boy reportedly beaten to death and hidden