5-year-old boy runs through the dark to save parents who OD on heroin

An Ohio couple who allegedly overdosed on heroin while their 3-month-old was strapped in a car seat were saved after their son ran to a relative’s home and got help.

WLWT reported that Chelsie Marshall and Lee Johnson allegedly overdosed Thursday morning in their Middletown home. Investigators said their 5-year-old son walked blocks without shoes to his stepgrandfather’s house and told him that his parents were dead. The stepgrandfather then called police.

Authorities claimed that responding officers discovered Johnson and Marshall unconscious on the floor. They also reportedly found a baby girl strapped in a car seat inside the Middletown home.

UPDATED: Please share!We had a very disturbing call today and we are going to share it with you – We need to reach…

Posted by Middletown Division of Police on Thursday, May 18, 2017

It took seven doses of Narcan to revive Marshall. Johnson, who woke up after one dose, confessed that he had used heroin, a police report obtained by The Cincinnati Enquirer detailed.

The Middletown Division of Police took to Facebook on Thursday afternoon to detail the “very disturbing call” they received.

“We are sick and tired of some people not caring about their kids enough to allow this to happen. Similar stories have popped up recently all over Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan,” the department wrote.

The department said they rewarded the quick-thinking 5-year-old with a bravery badge

“This 5-year-old child, a hero, saved three lives today. How can something so awesome be so sad all at the same time?”

Authorities also claimed that a white residue was recovered on a chair at the home. The unidentified residue was taken to a lab for testing.

Marshall and Johnson are facing two counts of endangering children and one count of disorderly conduct with heroin. They are being held in the Middleton City Jail on $7,500 bonds, according to WLWT.

[Featured Image: Middletown Jail]