Tecia Stauch and Gannon Stauch

‘I left my phone at home’: Gannon Stauch stepmom admits she took boy on trip the day he vanished, WITHOUT her phone

The stepmother of missing 11-year-old Colorado boy, Gannon Stauch, admitted she left her phone at home on the day he vanished.

Letecia “Tecia” Stauch told CrimeOnline she never had her phone with her on January 27, the last known day Gannon was seen. She admitted left her phone at home but claimed her Apple watch would have picked up her locations, as she took Gannon to a bicycle shop at around an hour away from home, as well as a Play It Again Sports shop at an unknown location

“She left her phone at home?” Nancy Grace asked on Wednesday’s “Crimes Stories” show, airing on Fox Nation. “I’ve got a problem with that.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Stauch said she last saw Gannon at some point between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. at their Lorcan Ranch home off of Mandan Drive, near Colorado Springs.

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Stauch, who said she was the only person at home with Gannon on January 27, claimed he left to go to a friend’s house and never returned home.

Over 800 tips and leads have poured in while investigators continue to search for Gannon, although authorities announced that they have reason to believe he is dead.

Some of the tips and leads resulted in a search near the southern portion of Douglas County, at Palmer Lake. For days, search crews with the FBI, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office were seen shoulder-to-shoulder, sifting through the snow and mud with shovels and long poles.

Stauch said her smartwatch may have pinged around Douglas County because she took Gannon to search for a bicycle for her husband in the area.

Stauch was subsequently arrested and charged with:

Stauch is facing charges of:

  • Murder in the First-Degree (Child Under Twelve-Position of Trust §18-3-102(1)(f))
  • Child Abuse Resulting in Death §18-6-401(1)(a), (7)(A)(I)
  • Tampering with a Deceased Human Body, §18-8-610.5
  • Tampering with Physical Evidence, §18-8-610(1)(a)

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