Anthony Rodriguez holding baby

Tot Dad Shot In Face Over $3 Hamburger, Family Posts About Painful Aftermath

A Wisconsin man who was shot in the face in January while working at a Milwaukee-area restaurant is still recovering, according to loved ones.In an update posted Friday on a GoFundMe page for 26-year-old Anthony Rodriguez, a representative for Rodriguez wrote that his condition is improving each day.“Every day Anthony gets a little bit stronger, and a little bit more restless,” the update reads. “Sitting still is a challenge for people used to always being on the move.”On January 30, Rodriguez was working the overnight shift at a George Webb restaurant in Wauwatosa when a pair of twin sisters, Bryanna and Breanta Johnson, each 20, allegedly grew impatient with their order.When their order was delivered, the women allegedly claimed that a hamburger was missing and proceeded to shoot and kick Rodriguez in the face.The women were later arrested and charged with attempted homicide.Meanwhile, the father of one has endured a great deal of pain since the brutal attack and has been stuck in a neck brace, unable to work.Still, Rodriguez has decided to try to continue taking two college courses. “Just another testament to his character and eagerness to not give up,” the GoFundMe update states.Rodriguez is scheduled to see a neurologist next week and may learn more about how long he will need to stay in the neck brace.As of Saturday morning, the GoFundMe account had raised more than $72,000 for Rodriguez to help with his recovery. He did not have insurance at the time of the shooting.Friday’s update on GoFundMe also thanked Crime Online’s Nancy Grace for covering the case.“As some of you know, his story was featured on Nancy Grace, who did an amazing job telling his story. I encourage you all to listen,” the post reads.