NEW VIDEO RELEASED: Body Cam Footage Shows Arrest of Flash Star Ezra Miller

Body camera footage from police officers arresting Ezra Miller in March shows The Flash star accusing officers of touching their penis and demanding not to be searched by a man because they’re “transgender non-binary.”

Miller uses they/them pronouns.

The 29-year-old actor was arrested on March 28 in Hilo, Hawaii, when they tried to stop a woman from singing karoake and tried to grab the darts out of a man’s hand as he played the game, as CrimeOnline previously reported.

Miller was charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly spitting in a dart player’s face. In the body cam footage, they told arresting officers they were the actual victim of assault because “a guy in that bar declared himself a Nazi. I have it on film and he attacked me,” Mediate reported.

Miller demands badge number and names — “Full name!” — from the arresting officers and claims they were assaulted for. making “NFT crypto art.”

The actor told officers they were claiming their “ninth amendment rights” to not be “unlawfully persecuted for a crime of no designation” and their “fourth amendment rights to not be searched and seized,” according to The Daily Mail.

They also warn officers not touch their “Flash ring” which “means a lot to me” and is “very valuable.”

Miller accuses on officer of touching their penis, which the officer denies, then shouts, “Please don’t do that! I’m transgender non-binary I don’t want to be searched by a man.”

They were booked for disorderly conduct and released on a $500 bond.

Weeks later, Miller allegedly threw a chair at a woman at a party and was charged with second-degree assault.

Warner Brothers has since halted Miller’s film projects.

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[Featured image: Police body cam via The Daily Mail]