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HEAR BONE-CHILLING 911 CALL in Deadly Beating of Teen Who Doused Killers with WATER SQUIRTER

Authorities have released the 911 call from an Ohio school founded by LeBron James where a 17-year-old was beaten to death, Fox News reports.

The incident occurred on June 2, when Ethan Liming and several friends were shooting a water gun at people playing basketball near the I Promise School in Akron.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, individuals playing basketball then began assaulting Liming’s group, prompting one of his friends to call for help at 10:42 p.m.

“We’re at the I Promise school in Akron, Ohio,” the caller told a 911 dispatcher, according to Fox News. “Our friend just got knocked out. We don’t know what to do.”

The operator inquired about whether people were still fighting, and in the background, a voice can be heard saying “Hey, man. We’re sorry, man. We didn’t mean it,” the news outlet reports.

The caller told the dispatcher there was a fight but then said “It’s OK, though. It’s cool now. It’s cool now,” according to Fox News.

The dispatcher asked if Liming was breathing and the friend said “Yeah, he’s breathing. He’s breathing.”

In the background, a voice could be heard saying “I’m not trying to fight, though,” at which point the call ended.

Police officers responded within three minutes, but Liming was already unresponsive, according to Fox News.

Authorities have arrested three people in connection with the fatal beating: 21-year-old Donovon Jones, 20-year-old DeShawn Stafford Jr., and 19-year-old Tyler Stafford have pleaded not guilty to homicide charges and are being held on $1 million bond, according to WKYC-TV.

The suspects reportedly fled the scene after the attack and drove Liming’s car to the other end of a parking lot.

Liming and his friends were using a SplatRBall gun, which shoots tiny water-based gel beads.

Attorney Jonathan Sinn, who represents DeShawn Stafford, told Fox News that Stafford was acting in self-defense after he saw “a car-load of teenagers . . . with, what at the time seemed to be a fully automatic firearm.”

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[Featured Image: Ethan Liming/Handout]