Cash Gernon: Dad of abandoned boy found dead in the street says he ‘didn’t want to disrupt’ the routine [HEAR IT]

The father of murdered tot Cash Gernon recorded an emotional plea for “the public” to put their energy toward justice for his son.

Trevor Gernon’s tearful voice plays over images of his twin sons, Cash and Carter Gernon, in a video posted on Sunday by his sister, Ashlee Marcoux, to Facebook.

Cash Gernon was found dead on a Dallas residential street on the morning of May 15. A teen, 18-year-old Darriynn Brown, was arrested on kidnapping and burglary charges after Trevor Gernon’s girlfriend, Monica Sherrod, showed police surveillance video of Brown allegedly taking Cash from the bed he shared with his twin brother and leaving with the sleeping boy, as CrimeOnline reported.

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Trevor Gernon had been living with Sherrod until March, when Sherrod said he left to avoid drug charges, leaving the twins behind. Sherrod said she didn’t know where he was, and police said they were unable to find him.

In the video, Gernon says he’d been friends with Sherrod for some time and that the two had been brought together because they were single parents and that she had been very helpful to him, especially when she “offered her home” to him earlier this year.

Gernon says he moved back to Houston, where he was from originally, “after an unsuccessful job hunt amongst other things” and decided to leave the boys with Sherrod so as not to “disrupt their routine.” Sherrod “appeared” to be a trustworthy person, he said, but “this choice I made with best of intentions has resulted in a most horrific outcome.”

He said he believed his decision was a mistake and apologized to the boys’ mother, Melinda Seagroves, for failing “to keep him safe.” “That was my job as a dad,” he said.

“To make matters worse,” he continued, “I have to fear for my freedom, as it is the goal of some to see me go to jail rather than grieve the loss of my little boy. All I want to do is have that one thing every parent deserves: to say good-bye and be with my son one last time before I return him home.”

Gernon did not explain why some people may want to see him “go to jail,” but CrimeOnline obtained court records from Harris County that show he is wanted on multiple felonies there.


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[Featured image: Cash and Trevor Gernon/Facebook]